Fairtube - IG Metall v YouTube

  • The cooperation between the YouTubers Union and IG Metall is now taking on concrete dimensions.

    The campaign is called 'Fairtube' and its demands are clear:

    • Transparency of all categories & decision criteria with impact on monetization & recommendations
    • Traceability of individual decisions
    • Human contact persons for YouTuber
    • Appeal possibilities for individual decisions
    • Independent conciliation body
    • Co-determination of the YouTuber, e.g. in an advisory board

    These claims were submitted to YouTube on 26 July 2019, with a deadline of 23 August 2019.

    YouTube will certainly take a close look at this precedent - if IG Metall is recognised as a YouTuber representative, other interest groups are likely to become active quickly.

    Furthermore: if necessary, the large IG Metall also wants to take YouTube to court, e.g. to clarify whether YouTuber should not actually be treated as employees.

    A thing YouTube probably wants to avoid as much as possible since there would follow lots of responsibilities out of it.

    If you would like to read further information & arguments to Fairtube, you can do so on their site: https://www.fairtube.info/en/