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    How often should one upload Lets Plays or Gameplays?

    Many of the big YouTubers upload daily up to multiple times a day - and the small ones think that they have to do that, too! But does this even make sense? How much is enough, and what is too much?

    I would be really interested in maybe different perspectives from Lets Players on the one hand and Gameplay-Viewers on the other side!

    Since yesterday copyright-holders have to provide timestamps when claiming videos manually. This way you can see exactly which part of the video was claimed.

    You already saw that before, but only on automated claims.

    Furthermore, you are now able to edit the claimed videos in the Studio-Editor. There are three possibilities:

    • Mute audio completely for the claimed part
    • Swap the claimed song with one from the YouTube Audio Library
    • Cut the claimed part

    The affected part is highlighted in the editor, too!

    Source: https://youtube-creators.googl…al-Content-ID-claims.html

    Imagesource: Screenshot from

    There is a discussion going on on the gitlab page of GIMP, the popular free image editor and Photoshop competitor.

    The reason behind this idea is the fact that gimp can be used in a offensive way.

    The issue author proposed some alternative names, including the following:

    • GNU Imp
    • GNU PIE
    • Glimpse
    • Wilber

    If you want to read the engaged discussion can do so here.

    What do you think, shall GIMP keep its name or is this too offensive?


    Our marketplace can be seen as a digital market for trade with e.q. Channeldesigns, Intros or videoequipment. Place your offers here or search for deals yourself!

    Note that the trade with the following goods is not allowed:

    • Paysafecards or other digital currencies (as a payment method they are obviously allowed)
    • Subscribers, Likes or Views
    • Every good that is illegal
    • Goods that have nothing to do with YouTube and/or videos

    Disclaimer: Legal relationships shall be established exclusively between the parties involved. The operators of are neither contractual partners nor agents of these legal relationships.

    Welcome to the Milestone-Subforum!

    You are invited to tell us about your milestones and let the community share your success.

    There is only one rule:

    • No links to YouTube-Videos or YouTube-Channels (Please use Screenshots)

    Examples for milestones:

    • 10, 100, 1'000 Subscribers
    • a viral video
    • Cooperation with a big YouTuber
    • A Newspaper reports about your channel


    • If you are in a network, please clarify beforehand whether you are allowed to publish numbers.

    Hi friends

    In this subforum you are able to present your channel to the community to reach more people and receive helpful feedback.

    There are basically no restrictions as for how to design your introduction.

    Consider the following:

    • Introductionvideos and Channeltrailers are welcomed
    • Extremly short introductions (e.q. only one sentence and a link) will be deleted
    • Only one introduction per channel
    • To present single videos, please use our Video, sound & GFX showroom

    Hello friends!

    Please note the following rules before posting in this subforum:

    • Only introduce yourself, not your channel (you can present us your channel here: Channel showroom)
    • Introductionvideos are nice, but will be deleted in this area
    • Too short introductions with eq. only one sentence will be deleted, too

    You may or may not use this template:

    • Name: Gladly also your real life name
    • Age:
    • Provenance: This may lead to projects with other people in your area
    • About me: Your Hobbys, Career, Wishes, Dreams, ...

    Before posting in this subforum, please consider the following rules:


    • This area is not for advertisment, but for feedback
    • You need to ask a specific feedback question
    • Threads with only a video and no text are deleted immediately!

    Specific Rules for different Types of Media:


    We got some positive and negative examples on how (not) to write your threads: