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    Hallo wolfgang

    Technisch betrachtet wirst Du das Bildsignal einfangen müssen über entsprechende Endgeräte, wie z.B. über eine Capture Card.

    Es gibt auch ein Workaround wonach Du das Bild der Switch über die XBOX und über die XBOX Stream App für Windows 10 einfangen kannst.

    Vorsicht bei Nintendo-Content: Nintendo hat hier sicherlich eine der härtesten Restriktionen für etwaige Inhalte die man veröffentlicht.



    Ich muss da Cpt. Table Recht geben, Deine Thumbnails können und müssen "mehr Mut" vertragen.

    Traue Dich ruhig Dich ausleben zu können beim Kreieren Deiner Thumbnails.

    Ich selbst bin auch kein Meister in der Erstellung von Thumbnails, das wird schon :thumbup:

    What software do you use for creating your thumbnails?

    I have been working with Adobe Photoshop for many years.

    For me, the decision was so easy when I started to produce videos.

    Gimp is also highly recommended, I had used that too.

    If you have no idea of image editing, you can also use so-called thumbnail generators (KLICK).

    But you can also gain experience with us and a program of your choice and reach the goal.


    Opening a YouTube channel is really easy and fast.

    If you already think about showing videos then do not hesitate, do it.

    All the information you need at the beginning you will find here. From video editing to the creation of thumbnails.

    We are all on the same site of interests here: video production.



    Hello Tim,

    welcome to the tubepro youtube discussion forum.

    You like traveling to Africa and thinking about making videos?

    Have you already made first attempts and can people look at them?

    Greetings from Germany


    As so often in life, sometimes too much can be too much and too little simply not enough.

    Sometimes too much can be too little. Sometimes, however, little can be too much ^^ The quality and content of the videos matter. Then the interest in the content must be considered. On top of that comes the desire and the time that one wants to invest as a video producer.

    I think the question can not be answered to the point. The answer is provided only by the factors mentioned above.