Terms of service

The registration of tubepro.de is completely free of charge, however the rules and explanations mentioned here must be acknowledged.

Due to the fast paced nature of the discussions in this community, we are unable to review all messages or check for accuracy and correctness before they are published. If you believe that someone has violated our policies or if you have identified content that in any way needs our attention, please report this post. Messages are voluntary and anonymous. In no case should a user in such a situation react but themselves and make the situation even worse. Posts that refer to a violation are themselves a violation and will be treated accordingly.

By accepting these rules, you agree not to use this forum for obscenities, vulgarity, insults, copyright infringement, propaganda, (extreme) political views or (verbal) violations of the law.

We know that users will leave us from time to time. After completing membership, we will not delete accounts, posts or other content from our community. By creating content, you grant us a simple, timely, and unlimited right to use that content within the community, as any content posted to the community becomes part of it, even if you leave it , You can always ask us to delete certain content, but we will decide when and if we remove that content from the community. If you decide to stop being a member of this community, we will close your account for you and change your profile to no longer have any identifiable content. Once your account is closed, you will no longer be able to join our community. The removal of an account can not be undone.

In addition to the main theme of the site, this community should be distinguished by its family-friendly atmosphere. Please keep this in mind when you participate.

Have fun using our forum!

Forum Rules


Cross-posting is not allowed and will result in the removal of one or more posts. Cross-posting means publishing the same content in two or more places. Always include your posts in an appropriate place in the structure of our community. Identical posts posted in the same forum or in different forums will be removed.

Advertising and links

Advertising is permitted only in the appropriate forums provided for this purpose and only moderate in the signature. Reflinks or other promotional links (including "adf.ly" links) are not allowed.

When linking websites and YouTube channels, make sure that the contents of the linked website comply with the guidelines here. This also applies to mentions and references, even if they are not provided with a hyperlink. If you add a link to your post and this link is automatically censored, it can be assumed that it does not meet our guidelines and should be removed immediately. All posts with inappropriate links will be removed from us.


Spam is unnecessary and completely undesirable in the forum. Therefore, we ask you to be careful to create only meaningful contributions that contribute to the topic.

Dealing with other members

Respect is the motto. You have to respect the other members. Please refrain from inflammatory and slanderous comments, as well as from insults, ridicule and other disrespectfulness. Do not just turn down the opinions and advice of others. If you do not share them, respectfully say why. Do not just say they are wrong. Do not make any unsolicited comments about misspellings, duplicate posts, or the style of the post, etc.

Do not say anything in subjective discussions like, "There's no discussion", as if your opinion were the only one or the only one that matters. If someone has posted his opinion clearly, do not respond to it with phrases like, "Are you still reasonable?" or "Are you kidding me?".Remember, this is not a debating club. This is a friendly discussion community. Allow the others their own opinion. No one should judge others' opinions and tell anyone whether they share the opinion or not.


If there is an unreasonable reason, the creation of additional accounts is expressly prohibited. If you believe that there is a legitimate reason to create another account, please contact us. We will then decide on a case-by-case basis whether to create another account.

Shoutbox and chat

Please note that these rules also include shoutbox and private chat. Therefore, please stay away from advertising in the chat, as well as vulgar, provocative and offensive messages.


Depending on the violation of the rules mentioned here, appropriate warnings can be issued. If a user repeatedly disregards policies and disregards moderators, administrators, and the community, he risks an account suspension.

When and what exactly for sanctions are pronounced, is solely at the discretion of the respective team member.

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